Phenom Apple Watch Upgrade Kit - 45mm Series 8 / 7

Finish: Silver / Black
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Turn your Apple Watch into a Luxury Timepiece like no other. Our specially designed case is made with the same Surgical-Grade stainless steel used in an iPhone 14 Pro, and is cast with intense precision to offer a spectacular aesthetic never before seen in the Smartwatch game.

Inspired by popular premium timepieces, the Phenom watch upgrade will also provide full protection to the edges and back of your Apple Watch, and the screen will be protected from the raised edge on the front. The case does not interfere with the functionality of the Apple Watch at all, with an integrated button and crown of its own, a small cutout so the microphone can hear commands clearly, and a space for the sensors to make perfect contact with your wrist.

The set includes a thin rubber case to put on you Apple Watch before inserting, a two part case (front case and caseback), screws and a screwdriver to screw the front case and caseback together, as well as other tools to help with installation.

The Phenom features a luxury rubber strap with a premium butterfly clasp to match. This strap is unique in that the strap is physically cut to your preferred size, and then attached to the butterfly clasp, meaning once your ideal size is found, it is permanently set to this size and easy to pop on and off.

Please take your time through installation for best results.

Colton James is a premium wristwatch manufacturer which has been featured in GQ, Men's Health, Fast Company, Maxim, Stuff and other media. We believe that luxury watches and smartwatches should co-exist, and that's why we offer a large range of straps and accessories for smartwatches.

Compatible with Apple Watch Series 7 and 8 only. This listing is for the 45mm (larger) watch size.

Whats in the box:

1 x Phenom watch case
1 x Rubber Strap
1 x Silicon case
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Wristwatch Tweezers
1 x Pin Pusher
6 x Screws (4 Pre-installed, 4 spare)
4 x Springbars (2 Pre-installed, 2 spare)


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